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The Flats 5th Avenue

Co-live with Passionate Minds

The Flats at BGC is a modern housing project of the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation(FBDC) for the passionate minds of BGC. The Flats revolves around the concept of co-living, a convenient urban living arrangement geared towards sharing of resources and collaboration with like-minded individuals.

We offer a legitimate BGC residency, a 5th avenue address no less, with affordable and best value housing that creates a more convenient and fulfilling lifestyle. Being in BGC, the city boasts the opportunity to work, live, and play. It offers a more inclusive housing option for the people who would want to live at BGC. This would greatly reduce the number of absences and tardiness of the employee. Employees would achieve the elusive work-life-balance that which is a top priority among millennials who dominate the corporate landscape.

The building features 16 floors with 15 of those floors are for residential purposes. Each floor has 25 units. The building also has a roof deck and ground floor amenities both be communal areas for socials and safe interactions with like-minded individuals. In addition, it also has parking and retail area which is located on the ground floor.

Amenities & Features