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Magic In Manila

By Kristin Farr

About the Artist

Through her work, Kristin Farr explores magic, rainbows, nostalgia, color psychology and positive vibes. Her signature Magic Diamond design made of multicolored geometric shapes has been painted on many different surfaces in thematically selected palettes, using countless contrasting colors to create structure and dimension. Her round Magic Hecksagon paintings are a nod to her family’s roots in Pennsylvania Dutch folk art. “Hex Signs” were painted on barns for decoration, good luck or protection, depending on which legend you believe. Her interest in folk magic contributes to her exploration of human-made objects that are believed to have powers or talismanic properties, and she adapts this traditional art practice with contemporary colors and designs. Color is central to her work and she is influenced by a common form of the neurological condition synesthesia in which letters and numbers are associated with different colors in her mind.