BGC Arts Center

Any rich culture is held up by the passions forged by the science and the arts - the two greatest human traditions. Bonifacio Art Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit foundation, cultivates the city’s continuously growing creative life by providing platforms for people to share their art with the public, spaces for strangers to get creative, their sense of discovery and exploration or mediums to simply inspire those who seek inspiration. It is dedicated to providing a cultural and educational experience that inspires the public to explore their creative side and embrace the breadth and depth of Filipino artistry, keeping science and art alive and accessible.

From the striking murals, engaging street performers, and science coming to life through The Mind Museum, BAFI promotes the role of the arts and sciences in culture-making.

Out of BAFI’s vision to cultivate art and culture, through the generosity of companies and families who resonated with the vision, the BGC Arts Center was born. It is the only stand-alone theatre built from purely private donations. It is the centerpiece of BGC’s Cultural District where we will explore, promote and cultivate the the range of Filipino artistry and its connection with all aspects of community life. 

The Filipino creative soul finds a home in the BGC Arts Center. We look forward to engaging you there.

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